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Nourish Your Mind offers competitive pricing for our unique and integrative health services.

Nutritional Therapy Investments

Initial Evaluation

$ $225
Up to 2 Hours
  • The first step to Nutritional Therapy is a comprehensive Initial Evaluation. Prior to your meeting, Jessica will ask that you to complete a 3-Day Food Journal, Health Questionnaire and a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) to return 48 hours before your appointment for her review. This information gives Jessica a strong understanding of your history, nutritional habits and current health state - allowing her to be fully prepared and get started on your health journey from day one, as soon as you walk in the door!
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Meet & Greet Consultation

Phone or In Person
  • Interested in Nutritional Therapy but not sure if itโ€™s right for you? Schedule a FREE Meet & Greet Consultation with a brief assessment of your health needs and a discussion of how Nutritional Therapy may be helpful to you. Jessica welcomes your questions and looks forward to introducing you to herself and the world of Nutritional Therapy.
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$ $95
Up to 1 Hour
  • Follow-Up Nutritional Therapy Sessions are an important part of the journey. As you implement your initial plan and take charge of your health, you will start to see improvements and your health needs will change - your plan will need to change with it. We will review your progress, assess goals and break down any barriers you may have found along the way. Follow-Up sessions will also include a review of another NAQ and Functional Evaluation (with LNT), if needed.
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$ $55
Up to 30 Minutes
  • Check-In Nutritional Therapy Sessions are usually reserved for those who need extra support in-between Follow-Up Sessions or those who already have an established understanding of their Nutritional Therapy tools and are able to self-implement successfully. These sessions are great for gathering further knowledge and education about nutrition and health. Due to time constraints, Check-In Sessions do not include a NAQ review, Functional Evaluation or LNT. Check-In Sessions can be held over the phone, if needed.
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New Client Package

$ $595
*Save $80. Includes Initial Evaluation, 3 Follow-Ups and 3 Check-Ins
  • Ready to jump right in to Nutritional Therapy? This package will give you a solid foundation on the road to optimizing your health by giving you 3-6 months of consistent therapy, depending on your specific goals and nutrition needs. (package must be used within 6 months)
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$ $145
Up to 1 Hour
  • Re-Evaluations are for previous clients who have not had a Nutritional Therapy Session in a while. Jessica will need time to re-assess your current health state and nutrition needs. Re-Evaluations will include another Food Journal Analysis, NAQ and Functional Evaluation.
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Additional Support

  • For Nutritional Therapy clients who are committed to optimizing their health, Jessica welcomes contact in-between sessions. Emails of reasonable length or quick questions through text-message will be responded to as soon as time allows. This contact should be reserved for specific questions related to your Nutritional Therapy plan or concerns that arise from implementing your plan that cannot wait until your next session.
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Supportive Counseling Investments

Initial Supportive Session

$ $80
Up to 75 Minutes
  • When beginning counseling, itโ€™s important for Jessica to gather a thorough understanding about your personal history, current stressors and overall emotional needs. During this initial session, Jessica will also welcome your questions about the counseling process and Nourish Your Mind. Itโ€™s important for you to feel comfortable and see if Nourish Your Mind is the right fit for your emotional health needs.
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Ongoing Supportive Sessions

$ $65
45-50 Minutes
  • Continued supportive sessions are held in a way that best meets your emotional needs. Usually, it is recommended to begin on a weekly basis and then decrease frequency as you begin to feel stronger and gain the ability to take more control of your emotional health.
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*Nourish Your Mind does not participate with insurance at this time. Some plans with Out Of Network benefits may reimburse you for nutritional therapy and/or counseling services. We will gladly provide you a receipt for each session.


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