Girls Empowered – 10 Week Group




Led By Lillian Dugan, LMSW
This is a 10 week topic-structured version of our original Girls Empowered Support Group for those in need of a deeper therapeutic and skill-oriented group.
A group for teenage girls looking for a safe and comfortable space to talk about their mental health, gain support from their peers, and ultimately feel less alone. This group will focus on gaining skills to strengthen interpersonal skills, increase self confidence, and build on their empathy and ability to connect with others. Join us for a safe space to practice skills and learn to cope more effectively in your everyday life.

Week 1: Intro & Ice Breakers

Week 2: School/College

Week 3: Peers/Friendships

Week 4: Parents

Week 5: Relationships

Week 6: Stress

Week 7: Self Esteem

Week 8: Self Advocacy

Week 9: Mental Health

Week 10: Closing & Ice Cream Party

High School Ages 14-18.
$35/session. Insurance coverage possible.
[email protected] / Call.Text (845) 547-0479 /ย